I’ve always been an animal lovers and had pets all my life. When I had to put our beloved pooch down, after 14 years of mutual love, I wanted the world to know how great she was and how much I loved her and would miss her.

I looked for pet obituaries, and it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I did a post on my regular blog and yet I knew I must not be the only one who was loved unconditionally by a furry friend. I was aware of Wombat’s beautiful blog: “Love Revealed” and while mourning for my pooch decided to revealed my love for her on his site.

That brought me to the idea of wanting to create my own special blog, where people could express their love for their animals. My first post on this blog was dedicated to her, read it here.

This blog is for you.

You want to show the world that love comes in all shapes and sizes? Simply send me a picture (jpg or gif format) with the reason why love is a four legged word to: stinkypaw@gmail.com