Tara has been our baby for twelve years next month.  She was born into a sad situation.


The owner/trainer of a German Shepherd kennel got gravely sick. Her husband hired someone to feed the puppies but when we bought Tara she had no human contact or training in her life. She was 4 1/2 months old.

The first few days in her new home she hid and ran from us. In time we became a family.

Perhaps she is a little spoiled. In stormy weather she choices to sleep on the floor beside Fred or I. Tara has a dog bed or a couch to sleep in. She also has some stuffed animal friends and enjoys tearing apart a rope. She doesn’t enjoy company. She hides all her toys and guards her food and her couch. She is a great watchdog and slow to trust people.

Tara is now wheat free but can still enjoy her Sunday treat of a fried egg.

Dogs are not pets they are family to Fred and I.

Submitted by Alida & Fred M.