It has been a long time since I last wrote here, since we had to put our beloved Tobi down.  I still think of him daily.  I still miss him.  I miss his purring and his playfulness.  It could be time for me to adopt again, and yet something in me is holding back.  It is not because I’m afraid, but more because since we’ve lost Tobi our lives did change.  We’ve traveled more, and not having a pet makes a big difference.  Let’s be honest, pets do represent work.  I know they bring lots of joy and are worth the time and efforts, but at the same time it is nice not having to change any litter box, or having to vacuum because of the hair (we still have to vacuum but not as much, let’s say).  Having a pet at this time would be for my own personal satisfaction only.  It would be all for me, since my husband doesn’t really want another pet.

I do understand his reasoning, and I agree; life is simpler without a pet to care for.  Maybe it is the mother in me who needs to take care of something?  I don’t know.  Maybe it is because I need to be loved unconditionally, no question asked?  Maybe it is simply because I want the companionship a pet offers?  No matter the reason why, for as long as I have doubts, or until I fall in love one day, I will continue to get my animal-fix at friends who do have a fur baby…

Until then, don’t be shy to share your love story.  Tell us why love IS a four-legged word for you, we want to know.