I fell in love with her from the very moment I held her in my arms.

As I listened to her snore while she was sleeping on my shoulder, I knew she was mine.

Mine forever.

See, when I got her, she was a homeless puppy.

Skinny, scared, and nowhere to go, so I took her home to live with us.

She must have known she was home by the way she acted and that she belonged with us.

She was our doggy and we were her people.

I must say, she and I were the ones that bonded the most.

Maybe it was because I took her home?

Maybe it was because she knew she had my heart?

Either way, I just love everything about her.


I love her little prance as she walks beside me.

I love her fur next to my face.

I love her snuggling next to me.

I love her ‘happy run’.

I love her to pieces.

When I got her, I thought I rescued my beloved dog, but in fact, she was the one who rescued me.

She has been my companion, confidant, and best friend for more than 13 years.

She has been there for me through times when I had no one and I’d be lost without her.

She is pure love and I am so very thankful to have her in my life.

She is my Misty girl and my forever friend. [♥]

Submitted by Suzanne