First came Rilo. She’s our black and white rat terrier/chihuahua mix.

When the people I got her from placed her in my arms, she immediately curled up into my hair. On the ride home, she had her head on my chest and just looked into my eyes the entire time. She was MINE.

When I come home, she’s so happy, her whole body wags! She curls up with me when I cry, she’s with me when I’m lonely, she listens when I speak to her and has these eyes that just say to me, “I know, Mom, I’m here.” I don’t think I could have made it with my husband being gone (he’s USAF) without her. She’s my happy-go-lucky, spunky dog, she’s my alarm, she’s my warmth under the covers, she’s my go-to-gal for walks. And she’s MINE.  She is my baby.

Next came Otis, our pit bull/korgi mix.

When we moved to New Mexico, Rilo became sad and overweight not being around any other dogs. I decided to convince my husband to go to the shelter and get another dog. We went, and my husband wanted a boxer, but the boxer lunged at us, so that was out. Then we saw Otis. He was this energetic, sweet, floppy eared puppy that was just dying for us to open the gate and take him home…so we did.

Since then, he has been my cuddle bug, my protecter on walks (loose dogs have actually tried to attack me, and Otis has kept them at bay), protected me against a possible intruder (growling and lunging at the door…he has never done that before or since the men came to my door while my husband was gone.), he’s my pillow, the easiest dog to hug, and my tissue for tears. He’s my bubba.

Finally, came our sweet kitty, Margot.

I went to a fashion show that was raising money for the local rescue groups in town.  I had no intentions of taking any animals home, I just wanted to show my support.  I looked in the kitten cage expecting to play with the little ones a bit when I saw her, I had to have her.  I told the woman to save her for me and called my husband.  I took her home.

Since that day, she’s charmed everyone who meets her, even my friends who are self-proclaimed cat haters.  She lets me hold her like a baby, and lays in the sink while I brush my teeth.  She’s the sweetest cat in the world and loves to cuddle with the dogs in patches of sun.

These are my four legged loves.

Submitted by Danielle