When Dutchess, our beloved golden retriever, was put down, in 2007, I went out that night and brought our Patches home from the Pet Shop.

This is Patches, at about six months old, after her first haircut…

Dutchess was my hubby’s, Chuck, favorite pet. He didn’t want her and wanted me to take her back. He named her because I told him he had to. He said to her later that night, if you think you are going to take Dutchess’ place, your not. Then the bond began.

Chuck was so distraught over Dutchess’ passing that 2 months later, we were at the mall and went inside the Pet Shop looking at all the little doggies. I told him I bought Patches because I was tired of the shedding. He saw this golden-doodle, but she was $1000, but she was too much money. I said to him I’d look around to see if I could find one cheaper. We were supposed to go together to look on his day off, but he didn’t want to go, so I went on a trip to Jack’s Dog Farm about an hour away. He called me and asked me where I was and I told him. I said they have 2 a male and a female, siblings. I asked which one he wanted. He said for me to pick it out. I chose the female because of our old Dutchess was a girl. Little did I know he was going to name her Dutchess II. We just call her Dutchess, but the vet has her as Dutchess II.

She is a handful, just like our old Dutchess.

Patches and Dutchess II are  two members of this BIG family of four-legged friends we have, which also includes Tigger, Gizmo, Sassy (was my mom’s cat when she was alive).  We lost our beloved cats Misty (Sept. 08) & Snowball (Sept. 09).

Submitted by Sue