Mimi was a kind of feral cat that drifted between our property and our neighbor’s and we both fed her. She’d always run from us, but tended to keep us in sight.mimi_2007_august1

A week after we lost our little Johann to pancreatic cancer, Mimi (nearly a year later for her) allowed us to get close to her, pick her up, and take her into our house.

She was a very loving cat who enjoyed being cuddled whenever possible. She loved our dog Panda and used to rub herself against Panda whenever she could. Mimi tried to get along with our big dog Marcus, but he always wanted to eat her, and she’d have none of that.

Mimi was the sort of furry kid who always showed up when you needed some “purr therapy”. I suffer from migraines and she’d always sleep next to me as I retreated from the light.

We only had Mimi for 8 years. Too short a time. She developed a liver disorder that basically turned off her hunger response. Unable to afford the expensive treatment, we had to make the hard decision to put her to sleep.

During her last two days, she spent most of her time outside with us. I took a ton of photos. She wasn’t very active, but she did enjoy the sunshine and rolling in the dirt.

We said goodbye to our little furry girl on August 28, 2007. Mimi will be in our hearts forever.


She was Love.

Submitted by Jayne d’Arcy