A little over three years ago we took in a cat that his owner could no longer keep.  We named him Max.

He is very picky and can be very cranky at times.  Though when my daughter isn’t feeling well or has had a bad day he is right there to comfort her.  He loves his little girl.  On the rare occasions that she stays the night with a friend or relative he will sit at her door till she comes home.  Sometimes even meowing at her door in the early morning hours.


A year later a friend of ours cat had kittens and we adopted one of them to give as a birthday present.  In stead of bonding with our daughter he bonded with my husband.  I have never seen a cat behave the way Short Stack does, we call him Shack for short.  He will follow my husband around the house like a dog would.  He enjoys rough play and relaxing in the sun.  Feels very offended if you don’t play rough with him to the point of ignoring you for days. He is the cat that we giggle at because he leaps around the house like a rabbit when excited.


Then about 6 months ago we took in a cat that had been dumped of in my sisters neighborhood.  He is your standard Siamese cat.  Spaz is very shy and with a nervous temperament.  He runs from everyone in the house that is until you catch him.  Then he is your best friend for the rest of the day.  He enjoys “hiding” on my sons bed thinking that no one can see him.

All of our four legged friends could not be lived without.  They are truly friends and part of our family.

Submitted by Audrea