This is Moses.

I like this picture because she looks so sweet but at the same time, if you look closer, there’s this evil kinda look to her as well. I think this captures her personality very well.

She ran into my office one day in 1999, she was lost, hungry and needed lots of TLC. After an unsuccessful try at finding her owner I took her home. I thought she was a he, which explains her name.

She loves to snuggle, has a bad catnip addiction and loves getting high on the good stuff. She has the most unique personality I’ve ever seen in a cat and she’ll talk back to you when you talk to her. Sometimes we have quite the conversation going. And when I sing, she jumps up beside me and gently puts her paw on my mouth. It’s very subtle, but I stop singing and then she jumps down and goes on with whatever she was doing before I interrupted her. Gotta love her.

Submitted by Drowsey Monkey