First came Abby.

We picked her out at the breeders when she was only 2 weeks old. She has always been at least 1 step ahead of us in her training, but at last she has settled down to be a wonderful dog at age 9.


Then when Abby was 2, we adopted Jackie.

Jackie had been held at the Toledo Humane Society for 8 months prior to coming up for adoption, because she was evidence in a cruelty case. We adopated her around age 11 and she is now 18 + years old and can no longer hear. She is very quiet and dignified, and very affectionate in spite of all she’s been through.


A year later, Gidget was found living in a dumpster.

She was around 8 months old, had a severe upper respiratory infection and had lost part of her ear to frostbite. Once on the mend, however, she became quite a lively member of our household, and “talks” or as we call it squalks, to us continually. She is now 7 years old.


Last year, we took Fritz in at about 6 weeks old.

He was under-nourished because the mother cat had basically stopped taking care of him and his only surviving littermate, had a bad case of ring worm, lice, an intestinal infection and eye infection. It is thought that his littermate shortly after was eaten by coyottes that were roaming the area. Fritz has given us fits trying to tame his wild streak, but he is very affectionate and is now 1 year old.


Then this past summer, we adopted Rosie from Lil Paws Rescue.

Rosie was found by the Dayton dog warden, and was scheduled to be euthanized, when Lil Paws Rescue saved her. My neighbor is a foster mom for the organization, and I saw Rosie everyday and couldn’t get her out of my mind; she looked so sad. My husband took a liking to her also, and we adopted her in July. She is afraid of all men except my husband and my dad, so we have some work to do rehabilitating her, but she is coming along. She is such a sweet natured and gentle dog, but she also keeps Fritz in line, an added side benefit.

Each one has added to our life in their own special way and gives us their unconditional love every day.

Submitted by Chris