I received this message and decided to post it even if it doesn’t have a picture (yet) because we all know the pain of losing a beloved pet. Here’s Coco’s story.

Coco died a year ago this week, and when I saw your excellent website, I thought of him again.

It’s been hard watching Coco fade away. He has quit drinking water now, as well as eating at all, for over a week.

I found him this morning again, under the oleander next door, but the sprinklers had gone off and he was wet. I took him to our bedroom and dried him off, but he cried to go back, so I relented and took him back over. That is where he is now.

I go out front to keep tabs on him, and he knows I am close, but he prefers to be alone. I feel his time is close now, but I am amazed at how persistent the body is, whether man or animal, for continued existence.

I am not like Coco. I am not dying. Yes, I have pain, and weakness, as well as cancer. But I get hungry and thirsty. I wish to continue on. I still have a lot to do for my wife and my family and friends.

I understand completely, Coco’s desire to let it end. He deserves to have it with dignity. He has been a good and faithful friend, so I let him stay out on the secluded cool grass he loves.

A decade ago, we found him and his litter-mates under a bush in our front yard, and rescued them, taking them all into our bedroom. Their mother followed us, and she nursed them for a while and then left, or got taken by a coyote. We hand fed these little guys and found them all a home, except Einstein, the big yellow fellow, and Coco.

Coco was the runt of the litter, and sometimes I wondered if he would even live. But he did, learning to straight-arm the next cat in the face with his paw, in order to stay at the food dish.

All his life, when I would come home, he would run to the door to meet me. He would have a place beside me, partly on my lap, sitting next to me, regardless of how many other cats we had, or who they were. I have loved them all, but Coco was my own.

I have no regrets about him. I am thankful for the time we had, as long as we had it.

Oh, I don’t know if I will have him again in the world to come. It doesn’t matter. I know regardless, he will live and be complete, even as we shall all one day be.

Thank you, Lord, for my dear little friend Coco. (October 1, 2006)

Submitted by Roger Born