We got Bijou first, a little over a year ago right after my hubby and I got married. She is such a character! I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but if I had to choose, she would be mine. Both kitties are Ragdolls. As per the breed description, Ragdolls are supposed to be extremely affectionate and in great need human of interaction.


Bijou fits the description exactly. She is the darker color of the two, a seal (brown) tortie, with a dark nose. Bijou is not afraid of any guest that visits our home; she will lovingly warm any stranger’s lap. Human food is her most favorite thing and her life’s goal is to acquire MORE of it at any cost!


We got Nola about six months later, after we realized that poor Bijou was lonely while we were gone during the day.


Nola is a gorgeous creature with a mixture of gray and white fur, and pink little paw pads. She is definitely the shyer of the two, no question. Actually, we think she may have been slightly mistreated before we got her, because her whiskers were clipped short, and she flinched and ducked her head down whenever we tried to pet her. She is easily startled and
VERY moody. However, this little sweetie is extremely affectionate. She lets us know when she wants cuddling: she’ll meow and purr loudly while head-butting our hands.

Bijou and Nola are best friends, however they still crave our presence. They follow us from room to room and love to help with whatever task is at hand. Our little ones run to greet us at the door as soon as they hear keys in the lock!

What constantly amazes me is that they each have their own, distinctive personalities, likes and dislikes. They make us smile and brighten our lives! I am so in love with these precious animals and I cannot imagine my life without them!

Submitted by Unabashed Girly Girl