I went through a divorce and had to move into an apartment. I had 4 beautiful big dogs that was part of a family with my ex-husband. I left them with him because I didn’t want to separate them and make any of them have to go from a big yard to a tiny apartment and be all alone during the day. It hurt a lot and I missed them terribly but I felt that it was what was best for them.

I wanted to get get a new small dog to share my new life with because I have had a dog all my life. I can’t imagine life without pets! I wanted to adopt a small dog from a local shelter but they would get adopted so fast and there would always be a “waiting list” with 20 names on it. It seemed everyone wants small dogs in Las Vegas. So I kept looking and hoping to finally one day find the furry angel that would share my life forever.

One day, in the middle of July in HOT Las Vegas, I saw a tiny furry creature running across a very busy road. Oh I had to stop and save it from certain doom! I pulled over & walked up to him. He was panting hard. He had a lot of fur and it was extremely hot. He had no collar so I brought him home and gave him some water and food. For the next couple weeks I looked for flyers for a missing dog around my neighborhood but there was nothing. One day he fell very ill, the sides of his neck were extremely swollen so I rushed him to the vet. The vet said his teeth were very bad and infected and some had already fallen out. He said that he may have to pull all of his teeth! Well, I went ahead and got him all fixed up… shots, teeth (not all had to be pulled), and neutered. After that, I declared “He’s mine”!

So after he was well again I decided that he needed a companion to have around while I was at work all day. I wondered how long it would take since once again, I was on the search for a small dog and couldn’t afford a pure breed. I’d rather
rescue one from a shelter anyway. Well a few months later while at the vet’s, I mentioned to the assistant that I wanted another dog. She said she had a friend who had one baby chihuahua left! It was perfect! Yes! a puppy for Buddy! I went and saw him even though he was too young to bring home and told them I wanted him. The day after Christmas, two years ago, Bailey joined our little family.



The two love each other so much, it warms my heart to watch them together!

 Submitted by Kathy