Why is Love a Four-Legged Word? Well, you’d really have to know our golden retriever dog Sandy to appreciate just how much love he has given us.


He was born on the 15th December 1995 and came to live with us when he was 8 weeks old. I had actually never wanted a dog, but when my daughter experienced some problems at school and became anorexic we decided to get her the dog she had always wanted. He was actually, in very many ways, the answer to a prayer. And he still is! He has not only been an enormous comfort to her, but to all the rest of us throughout some very difficult years. He seems to know instinctively when we are upset and immediately tries to comfort us with a big, slobbery kiss. He thinks such a kiss can cure all ills (and often it does too!).

Unfortunately, Sandy is 11 now. He had a cancerous lump removed just before Christmas 2005. The mere thought of life without him now is – even for me, who never actually wanted a dog in the first place – really unbearable…



Love really is a four-legged word!

Submitted by Seeker