The story of our family…




Bismarck was a puppy when my husband, Steve, adopted him from a shelter in California five years ago. Steve had another wife at the time, but when she left him, he said, “You can have everything except my boy.” And so back in late 2002, it was just Bismarck (who was a little over a year old at that time) and his Daddy.


It was just me and Ryder at that same time in 2002 (she was about 10 months old then), as my ex-boyfriend and I had gotten her when she was just a pup (the little runt of her 11-dog litter!) and then broke up shortly after. I don’t think I gave him a choice in the matter – Ryder was my dog and that was that. And so then it was just Ryder and her Mommy.

And so when Steve and Bismarck both moved to the Northeast in 2003, where I lived with Ryder, we became a happy little Brady Bunch-ish family. Bismarck and Ryder immediately became best friends, quickly figuring out – and loving – their “big brother” and “little sister” roles.


Steve and I married in late 2004, with Big Boy and Poopy Girl as ring bearer and flower girl. We couldn’t be happier with our little family!

 Submitted by Jane