Roxy (Boxer- 6 ) and Teddy (Rotie/short hair sheepdog 9 )

They are unbelieveable together ‘the best of friends’.

Teddy lost his best friend ‘Sassy’ (doby 10) six years ago and he mourned for days, so we decided he needed another compansion. Not only for him but for us too… we also mourned the lost of Sassy. It took awhile for Teddy to warm up to a puppy (10 weeks old) but finally he did… and needless to say they are now Best Friends.

I know the day will come when we will lose one of them and again we will search for another companion for the one that is still with us and for us as well !!!
I have had many four-legged companions in my life since I was a kid.

It is very hard to let go but we must do what is best for them !

Dogs, cats and birds – all loved and the love they give is unbelieveable !!

Submitted by Shirttail