If you’re reading this blog at the moment it’s all due to the death of our beloved pooch. Cathy put her head in my hand for the very last time at around 10:40 on Sunday, November 19th, 2006. Even though, when we took her in we knew it was going to be for a short time, she was with us for 5 months and 5 days, but she had been in our lives for over 14 years. She was my parents’ dog and followed my dad everywhere. After my father’s death she followed my mother everywhere. Cathy knew me since she was a puppy. At the time, I would spend every weekend at my parents’ so she would sleep with me and I would bring her everywhere with me. On weekends she became my pooch.

In April when my mother sold her house to move into a smaller apartment where she wasn’t allowed any pets, we decided to take Cathy in. We thought it wasn’t fair for the dog to be put down, because it wasn’t convenient to have her anymore. When we went to get her Cathy was in poor shape mentally. She was very depressed. She could feel my mom’s stress about selling the house, a lot of her stuff was being sold and being packed. The only home she knew since a puppy was completely upside down and she could see “her” chair moving out (the living room set was sold), as well as other pieces that made it “her” home.

Despite her size, she was a Chihuahua, she had A LOT of character. She was very feisty, had an attitude and it wasn’t her problem, and when she walked around she behaved like a Great Dane. Everybody who met her loved her. She was a great companion and brought countless smiles to our faces either by smiling at us, by showing us her teeth or by giving us a hug by snuggling in our necks or simply by being. She was petite but had such presence. This is why she is so missed. She left a big hole in our home, in our lives. She was dearly loved and will be fondly remembered.


Cathy 1992 – 2006

You may be gone from our lives, but never absent from our hearts.